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Matthew Koon performing @ Fide Fashion Weeks

A sneak peak at Asian couture week. A full article on their collection in due time(this friday) 
Guo Pei's oriental x ethereal collection. 
Hello Glorious readers, Thank you once again for patronizing my blog.  First off, this (informally writen) Article is NOT My official post for the majestic splendor and opulence I have come to know as the Fide Fashion weeks.  Since I'm too caught up with school to produce a report(for now) , i figured I'd share with you my own video from the Fashion Show.  To quote Jeannie Mai, "Use your online media influence to provide a front row experience for all your followers. Fashion isn't just for the rich or with status, its a new world now. Everybody anywhere can experience it." 

Here's a look at UK-based dance prodigy Matthew Koon, now 18,  Performing for Haute Couture Week . At age 12, Matthew played the role of Billy Elliot in the West End Production of Billy Elliot the Musical. That's a HUGE deal getting the lead role. It demonstrates his versatility as a performer. He was the first ever Chinese boy to take up the role, a testament of his talent.  Watching in HD is advised. That way, You'll be able to notice the expressions of the front row audience. Just Look at how compelled they are witnessing Matthew's agile contemporary moves. Towards the end, The two VJs of the night( one of them being UTT!!! ) asks Matthew a few questions to lighten the mood. At this mark, You'll notice a bryanboy doppelganger wearing crossed suspenders. Can u imagine BryanBoy coming to Singapore? How could anyone let that slip by! 

 I can't fathom performing that( since i'm as flexible as a baton), let alone in front of such an audience that include the likes of The immaculate Dr. Georgia Lee and Legendary Suzy Menkes !!!  It takes alot of courage & of course , talent is a prerequisite.  I for one was thoroughly entertained :)    OHH OHH and By the way, I'd like to point out how voguelicious Dr Frank Cintamani's boots are.    

Interesting , ins't it? ; the individual reactions of Singapore's most prominent sitting front row. I personally find it amusing how Mr James Telly(Chief operating officer of FFW) look so Completely engrossed by the performance. A trance-like state.   KUDOS to you Matthew, We hope to see  you again next year .!!

On the side, I'd like to thank Fide Fashion Weeks, Mr. Daniel Boey( creative director extraordinaire )  and Dr. Frank Cintamani(Chairman and a whole truckload of other prestigious tittles)  for orchestrating a very decadent Haute Couture week. Without these parties and the other unsung heroes behind the scenes, there would not have been a channel for Haute Couture to see the light of day, especially in Singapore's environment where people are too caught up with their own lives to appreciate the most refined form of fashion on Earth. 

 Guo Pei 's Legend of the dragon collection in all it's glory

Couture was once believed to be a dying form, seen as irrelevant to today's day and age. 
Through events like the Fide Fashion Shows, Couture once again experiences a revitalization period. New designers venture into this field and inject their own contemporary spin on couture while the older generation of couturiers reincarnate previous collections but with a strong emphasis on modernism.

Amalgamating my thoughts and emotions for the Fide fashion weeks has helped me experience an epiphany. The very Feeling of Being surrounded by so many like minded people who have similar opinions on fashion as I did was electrifying. To me, the Fide fashion weeks Serve an even greater purpose that just merely showcasing couture. It has become a  medium for different elements of fashion to polymerize, a crossroads of sorts. 

Everything I knew about Fashion heightened like a sense. My obsession with crystals and bejeweled embellishments on Intricately draped gowns reached new heights. My Knowledge  of our generation's Couturiers (especially from within the Asian region) has become more acute. 
The gift of experiencing Couture first hand during the week-long event is and will always be something I will never ever get elsewhere in Asia Or elsewhere on God's Good Earth . To blatantly put it, I "feel" couture more . Hopefully through my articles ,I will help awaken the inner Couture Aficionado in All of us.
Dr. Frank Cintamani and Your's truly staring into blank space 

Posing with I think a piece from Somarta's collection While Everybody else was busy sipping champagne. I changed pants half way. 
i had the privilege of meeting Fide's official media correspondent JEANNIE MAI !! such an empowering woman .
AND I MET JEANNIE MAI!!!! Who at the age of 17 can say that? I feel so blessed. Such opportunities don't happen often but when they do, everything seem's so surreal.  It pains me that I have yet to find the time to write an article that will do justice to the Fide Fashion Week since I's currently tied down to my Mid Semester Revisions but Don't fret my Pets, I will return to My keyboard the minute my exams are over, so watch this space Friday onward for PART 1 of the FIDE FASHION WEEK Review.  

  I started out my blog as a way to vent out my opnions of fashion since non of my friends were interested in things like who the new creative director of balenciaga was , but as i dewlled deeper into fashion journalism ,I had an epiphany about my responsibility as a blogger. Whether i have 10000 views a day or just 10 , I owe it to my readers to give them the best possible experience through my writing and pictures. I may have only sat front raw for the Maurizio Galante ( BTW:The hostess in the video is wearing one of his luxuriant creations) show but I promise to exhaust every fiber in my body until I give Every one of my readers a chance to experience the magic that transpired during Fashion week .
 You can also catch all the behind the scenes videos from 
Fide Fashion Week's vimeo website :

I now leave you with a quote from Mr. Thomas Wee 
( Note to self: This man deserves a whole article dedicated to his enormous passion for fashion.)

"They Don't see what YOU see. You must wear a Dior to Feel how to make such luxury. Only the wearer knows how to make such couture. As a designer, it is YOUR responsibility to make your own apparel Because NOBODY can see what YOU see, DO what You Want Done."
 - Thomas Wee, who, In my eyes, will forever more be Singapore's most prominent couturier.

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