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Style in Singapore Poly stagnant?

Before you continue reading  please understand that this is just an opinion of mine and I may be inaccurate about a few details.  Enjoy :]

Being a student of SP, more specifically, a Student from the business Branch, it is second nature for me and many of my peers to feel a sense of intimidation from our neighbouring student peers from SP's school of Communication arts and social science(CASS). It has caught my attention that many people in SP feel that CASS students are those who are the usual high spirited Fashionistas: people who actually bother to dress up for school While the rest are seen as MERE bystanders.  Being someone who has always had an affinity for dressing up( or at least attempting to), i feel that the bias fixation of certain style types for different schools needs to change.

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 As teenagers, it’s natural for us to lean more towards the materialistic and superficial aspects of ourselves, especially since we thrive off the attention and enjoy the adoration of being best dressed or the most pleasant looking. We cannot disregard the fact that Poly life is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. Its emphasizes about being that unique individual who dares to step out of the shadows of their peers and display leadership and dressing can become an extension of this expression you can give people. Hence, your clothes can be a tool for success (talk about power dressing )  

In a nutshell, it would be convenient for you to be an extrovert in Poly, else you might be eaten alive (depending on the people you're surrounded with) and in this context, It has become a competition of sorts where students (Cass students are of course the main contenders) try and "out-dress" each other. As students who major their studies is media, visual communications and the arts amoung other things, they will naturally have the tendency to dress better, and by that I mean they dress in the style more associated with the current “trend” . This natural occurrence is all well and done but what concerns me is the issue of how students from schools like business (AKA LIL’ OLD ME ) and what have you, get stereotyped as those who are not expected to be dressy and this leaves me feeling like the black sheep of the family, devoid of attention *sadface :(*   

Is the image of a well-dressed student becoming a stereotype reserved only for an arts oriented student or are students from the residing schools finally taking the initiative to strut their stuff ?  I know SP's fashion scene isn't as explosive and explorative as our Nearby neighbour Ngee Ann Poly but it never hurts to explore the situation .

Many of my close friends who come from CASS tell me their opinions towards business students and it usually includes comments like, “They only bother to come in ¾ pants, a shirt and YUCK! Slippers” and “We believe that the physical appearance is a crucial aspect of giving a good impression to future employers. Half the battle is won when you dress to impress, that’s undeniable.”  I agree & disagree to the comments made and to be honest, I feel they have a logical basis for their claims.
To begin, Let’s address the case study of the business students.
Taken from Poshism.com, a fellow Business school Student. REPRESENT!!!!! Pretty awesome stuff., very boho chic.
Truth be told, a majority (NOT ALL) of Business students tend to be underdressed most of the time and this cultivates a mind-set of complacency in dressing.  When I imply the notion of Being “underdressed”, I bring forward the complete lack of attention to posture, appearance and presentability. Being business oriented people,we tend to be Extremely academically focused (only because it’s a very competitive industry) and they pay very little attention to  issues seen as trivial like popularity, dressing, co-curriculum activities etc. ,  so matters like dressing  don't end up on the priority list. Earlier today, I attended a Business seminar done by Mr Donnie Who was from YEA, an organization which focuses on nurturing Youths to become innovative entrepreneurs and I couldn't help but vigorously shake my head in agreement when he stated one of the key aspects of a proper train of thought for success is to look confident. For that to be possible, one must dress confidently. (STRESS THIS TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE POSSIBLE!!!)  On the side ,   One comment from my BFF stated that business school people dress like "towners" or skaters when they don't look like "typical business students"
(Towner boy: denim bermudas, tight shirt and birkenstock sandals ) ( Towner girl: galaxy print top/ sheer top, hot shorts and birkenstock sandals or doctor martens )

Disregard the ugly backdrop of the canteen and this becomes Tumblr worthy.  One of the manifestations of style among the SP students within the business/Cass block
We need not imply that students should treat every day Like prom  but rather periodically nurture a habit of proper, smart and pristine dressing, fit for a business associate. I am not suggesting that all business students start to mirror the dressing of our CASS peers  ( that would be utterly insane !! )but rather, start to try and not look like kids attending PE or A bonding camp. After all,a majority of us will be on the frontlines communicating with clients and business owners and since we create the initial touch points between other parties, we NEED TO LOOK PRESENTABLE !!!    Literally , DRESS FOR SUCCESS.   It would be nice to keep in mind that we are to look classy but never trashy , though showing a little skin never hurt anybody :3
(you know who you are! four fingers are pointing back at me

Another issue close to my heart is the agenda of whether it has become a reserved stereotype for people to label students from CASS ( I LOVE U MY CASS FRIENDS, DONT HATE ME) as the only ones with a sense of style.  Sure, the rest of us don’t don razzle dazzle outfits when we walk to our respective lecture halls and yes, we sometimes don't even care about how we look out of comfort, but that doesn't mean we are to be condemned to exile form the hierarchy of dressing. I am proud to say that I, from time to time, spot a few business or maybe engineering students sporting looks that most people would never dare to don ,So when a student who happens to be from, let’s say engineering , wear’s something very unconventional, we should imply that he/she truly does take pride in their dressing and focuses more on the message their dressing has onto themselves rather than to others purely for the sake of appearing "trendy". In all honesty, I agree that without a doubt CASS is KING when it comes to who's wearing what, so kudos to you CASS :D

At the end of the day, I still applaud the CASS students for their natural fashion instincts, though I wish everyone didn't’t wear the same maroon coloured Doc martens’ booties all the time (thats just my opinion) . A little originality can separate style from taste, fashion from mere dressing. A lot of people think that dressing is a superficial way of masking the true emotions underneath but I see it as an extension of one’s personality. Utilize dressing to empower yourself and through this, you will discover a sense of confidence that has long remained dormant.

And What would a review of a school’s dressing be without actual photography of the (kind and willing)students who actively take initiative in conveying their personalities through fashion. Thats what i love about dressing up ; It tells a story, a story about yourself and your inner diva.  
 BTW, some of you may have been approached by me asking you if I could take a picture of your OOTD. If we are to ever cross paths again in the near future, try not to unglamorously run away in the other direction as if I'm a molester, because I WILL CHASE U! )
  Bon apetite and enjoy :D 

SP's very own connoisseurs of style , regardless of school

It may not be detailed or extravagant, but the effort is clearly there.
Androgynous style, sublime and cool.

Its rare you find guys who sport such colorful tote bags. Kudos!
Tribal prints : You either love them or hate them. But you can't deny that they look good on everybody
Once again, I wish no ill feelings towards the students from the above mentioned schools. This is just an opinion of mine .  Feel free to drop comments(or hate mail, I love reading hate mail :D)  regarding your take on the issue. 

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