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The 411 on Haute Couture

Quirky as ever, John Galliano Autumn Winter Haute couture for 2007
Somewhere along this week ,I'll post an article(FINALLY?) that talks about the collections showcased by couturiers like Yumi Katsura , Alexis Mabille and An Armada of other very talented designers with their Haute Couture Creations taking center-stage at Haute Couture week. The vivid silhouettes of GORGEOUS models strutting down the cool smooth granite textured runway in their luxuriant couture gowns and getups sounds tempting to reminisce But before I dwell any deeper into it, I'd like to solidify the meaning of Haute couture. It's been bugging me lately that alot of people disregard or totally forget the importance of Haute couture . Couture is undoubtedly a perennial aspect of fashion and yet some people don't even know what couture is.(shame on You!!) 
What is Couture?
one of my personal favs for haute couture:  Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Spring summer 2006 
Couture" simply means dressmaking whereas "Haute" means elegant. 
Clothes birthed from such practices commonly use high-quality, expensive fabric and are sewn with immense attention to Detail. Such procedures are very daunting and require full hand stitching. This would then explain the exuberant price tags that accompany each couture creation.  Haute Couture creations in the past were tailored and made in such a way that the designer who crafted the piece will make the dress fit perfectly on the person who will don it. Every hem and stitch is lined according to the exact measurements of the recipient, a custom designer one off piece if you will. So yes, Haute couture is exclusive .But that doesn't mean fervent fashion aficionados like me( who will never be able to afford such prices) and you can't enjoy them from a distance :) 

John Galliano 2007 Haute Couture.
My All time favorite: Maison martin Margiela Working their Magic for haute Couture Spring summer 2012.  EPIC!
Couture is all about the dream. It is within the creative mind of the designer who orchestrates all this that the dream is birthed. From a simple message, the designer weaves it into a story that will exaggerate itself into a physical form. It's all about the Message the designer wants to convey along with the emotions he wants to envoke.
Before even a technique, there is the dream. (Coco)Chanel had it. The Dream is everything  -Diana Vreeland
Often, it results in an ethereal selection . Others, dark and decadent.  Couture puts forth a story no normal piece of clothing can ever tell and the best part about it is that You get to decide for yourself what to make of it.  
Alexis Mabille and his collection during Haute Couture Fashion Week. Isn't he Cute!!!!!!
My personal(and very opinionated) conviction that dictates Couture is such that it is an individualistic perspective that isn't often standardized, hence giving the interpreter immense freedom to view it within a retrospect of opinions. People feel couture differently because it’s a topic that has deep discrete ties with their sense of style, regardless of whether you’re an ardent fashion follower or just someone who can't give two flying ducks about what hangs on your clothing rack (GOD FORBID!) 
Givenchy's Haute couture, by far the most singular I've ever seen. Mr Hubert De Givenchy would have been soo proud!
simple and yet intricate, it can be as complex and filled with a dizzying array of patterns or just contemporary and clear. One thing is for sure, Couture speaks in a powerful Singular voice. It's very essence is indistinguishable from any other type of dressing anywhere else on Earth. Stunningly demonstrated with all its plush details and luxurious embellishments, its hard for anyone to not take notice to such a practice!!   When I see couture, the first thing that pops into my mind is the question of how A human being could have envisioned something so breathtaking.
Couture Runways are often as elaborate as the dresses themselves. This is Dolce and Gabanna's Spring summer 2012
Being once called the "Guiding Light" of the fashion industry, Haute Couture helps set the bar for even better creations from the designers. Helping to keep things fresh and yet stay true to its roots, Haute couture has never had a more revitalized period than now.  With new Designers experimenting on how to make their mark on couture, they pave the way for a new & never before seen kind of fashion to emerge.  Asia's couture, as mentioned in the previous posts, have decided to hide in the shadows of their European counterparts no longer. Putting their own Oriental spin on conventional couture, Asia's emerging names are quickly making a name for themselves.  

Anna Wintour congratulating Wang on His recent Domination over the creative segment of Balenciaga. 
BTW, There's a rumor that supports the possibility of Alexander Wang spearheading a couture collection for Balenciaga?  Its intriguing because most of the official statements concerning the Parson's alumni turned Creative Director of the luxury behemoth Balenciaga doesn't come from him directly but from relevant key industry players like PPR's Chief(and self proclaimed BFF of Wang) Francois-Henri Pinault.   I don't have a thing against Alexander Wang. He's reputable, no doubt. But is his cosmopolitan style fitting of balenciaga's edgy chic? Let's just hope he doesn't put a Hedi Slimane and change the brand's name to Wanglenciaga or something.  
The only issue is: Are we ready for it?
    Its nice to admire the satorial style blogs and street style tumblr websites but every once and awhile, we should pay homage to the influence couture has over all things fashion.
Haute Couture embodies an ethereal almost dream like state and where else can this be illusion be best represented than in a full scale fashion show. Here's a video of my Favorite Haute Couture Collection from Maison Martin Margiela. The fine people at MM don't just think outside of the box, they destroy the box in the process.  Enjoy :)

I wonder if those crystal face masks are for sale.........
Mongolian Couturier Torgo  showcased during Fide Fashion Week.
  As a side note, I appreciate all the support All my readers have given me. It means alot that people still patronize my writing. A post on part 1 of the immaculate Haute Couture Fide fashion week will be posted Sooooooooooon ( writers block is hard to ward off and its not helping that I've had it the whole week -.-) I will, once again , leave you with some words of wisdom from a Man I idolize mind, body and soul. 

If anything, Embellishments are ways in which the designer wants to further conceal any imperfections on a dress -Thomas Wee , Singapore's most prominent Couterier

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