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On Aura Tout Vu, Non like You've ever seen.

couture label "On Aura Tout Vu" totally won me over with their Insanely provocative and over the top runway show. Hands down one of the most Avant Garde presentations Ive ever witnessed. 
From the fiery Lighting right down to the chosen font for the Press release, Ever detail was carefully manipulated to accentuate their Uber Sexy Autumn Winter collection themed the "Somewhere Else Kingdom" .
Through the unparalleled creativity of On Aura Tout Vu, the audience were transported to A world of twisted fantasies,provocative statements and daring suggestions. 
CeLine the b*tches up cause the On Aura Tout Vu show's about to start
With the essence of dark romanticism, OATV reinvents the brilliance of couture, 
Days, no, WEEKS have passed since the FFW (fidefashionweek) but my tongue is still wagging about it . The level or professionalism was astounding,.The theatrics of the show; superb. It was one of those moments Where you realized what an honor it is to be part of such a spectacle.  I really have to hand it to Mr Daniel boey, creative director for the whole event. He managed to amalgamate his quirky creativity with the designer's message and it polymerized into something so out of the box. This show by far was the "numero uno" out of all the shows.
Not exactly front row but by just being there, I felt like one of the most privileged person on Earth
Once apon a time... a chimeric kingdom
Enchanted White, jewelled black, bright red exploded
Once apon a time...Queens
Of a flaming day, from magical past, from heroic future, with erupted beauty, which anarchic love, from oneric night,enigmatic rocker... Queen of our dreams
Once apon a time, On Aura Tout Vu
10 years, 20 collections.... an anniversary of fel en aiguille (from thread to needle)
 -The On Aura Tout Vu Press Release

 Right off the bat, On Aura Tout Vu had us on the edge of their seats as we watched them set the stage ablaze with the lighting and special effects. The fire was hypnotic while the music got me really hyped up for what was to come.  Truly ,A fitting way to end the week long extravaganza of non-stop mind blowing couture.
An Edgy Ambiance is set as everyone edges closer towards the runway , awaiting the models
Fire, On Aura Tout Vu's perennial element for the show.
  Before the festivities officially commenced, The audience were graced with a few short speeches from the people who were quintessential to Fide's Consistent success throughout the shows. Such were Dr Frank Cintamani( Asia's champion of Couture), Glamazon Jeannie Mai (Fide's official media correspondent and Couturista extraordinaire) and Dr Satoshi Onuma, President of Japan's prestigious Bunka Fashion College. Jeannie's speech was especially heartwarming because in it were messages that signified the importance of people like me who have the privilege of attending such events and sharing it with the world.
Its very obvious that Dr Cintamani was trying to make eye contact with me. He's Such a tease :3

And with that, the lights were dimmed. Every member of the audience went into a silent pause as we waited for the show to officially commence.  Smoke appeared at the runway's mouth though it was hard since it was so dark.. When the back-light light up, two vivid silhouettes materialized. 

As you can probably tell, the picture is out of focus.  Im a caveman when it comes to tech gadgets so I didn't know how to set the camera to a mode for capturing moving objects. On the other hand, The models seemed to be moving really fast on the runway.  It was hard to appreciate the concoction of textures and embellishments displayed at the rate the models were dashing back and forth ( They were practically running back and forth like a beep-test )but I could still recall the Key looks I adored from the show. 
 What really drew my attention to this look was the pattern. Christopher Kane would have be Beaming with pride if he knew how his Galaxy print has once again been given its rightful place in high fashion. The colors were perfectly saturated and the palette of hues for the shoulders centered the look. I admire how they decided to go with the coated pattern instead of it being just a dress. This made the outfit a lot more wearable because Couture dresses are difficult to fit in as much as they are to get out of unless you can magically slither in the dress like a snake- quote from Thomas Wee. The man is a comical genius too! 

Shards of crystal embellishments were aplenty . It really gave the outfit its alluring dark luster. I feel that if I wore it, I would probably gain the ability to fly and shot lasers from my fingertips( I will then proceed to rob the nearest LV store with my new-found couture powers) 
 This look blew it right out of the park for me. Some people don't see the creative aspect of the dress and say its not practical because of the way the hands are restricted . The true purpose of the parka is to show the full detailing of the exquisite printed galaxy print. This should be a wake-up call for all the blog shops out there who try and make lowly saturated galaxy prints that look overly tacky and cheap. All it takes to make a pattern like the galaxy print pop is a mixture of textures and materials, like the intricate crystal beading from the collar down to the fur lining where the cloth ends. the beading reminds me of stalagmites & stalactites that form in caves because of their edgy shard-like shape. Extra Brownie points for the Oversized Collar too :]
 If there's anything I would sell my soul for , it would be the shoes she's wearing!! The design is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen . It follows closely with the theme of a twisted fairy tale in a more dynamic manner  whereas AMQ can at times be totally unpredictable and sporadic(just like how Alexander, bless his soul, intended for the Avande Garde label to be). The Peacock feathers added the much needed exotic push since previous shows like the Christophe Josse collection showcased looks that included a full glossy croco skin zipper shift dress. You Can NEVER get any more exotic (and expensive for that matter) than croco skin. Simply divine! I love the cherry-like hue of red that they incorporated into the dress. It was a good counter balance to the heavy dark goddess gowns shown. 
 This dress had a singular look from the rest. I Adore the way its tucked at the bust and draped to the sides like a semi cut shift dress. The sheer vine-line motifs from the bust upwards gave the dress more weightage on the lower section of the dress, helping it to stay rooted. Pairing this look with a pair of matching booties , this dress looked ready to kill!! By far my favorite color palette for the galaxy print. Indigo blue with violet hues are a match made in heaven :]
 Now that's what I can an Autumn/Winter getup. The crystal applicades right below the belly Centralized the whole look, leaving room for more explorative embroidery above and below .  The consistent usage of peacock feathers helped  link all the dresses together, preventing them from looking like individual stand alone pieces instead of a collection. Its a good assurance to see something resonate so clearly throughout the collection.  Its simply magical how they managed to completely capture the essence of an ice queen walking through a burning fantasy land.
 When I first laid eyes on this piece, it made me think of  Olivier Rousteing's Faberge inspired collection for Balmain F/W 2012 (my favorite season to date. Every label brought their A game for that one) the juxtaposition of closely embellished beads gave of an Edwardian vibe, making the collection look even more refined on a whole. 
 Again, this look resonated with edwardian elegance, much like the piece before it. The use of brocades and lace over cream colored fabric brought a distinction between itself and the other more darker and thinner looks.
I Went CRAZY when this look went on the runway. My love and adoration for the gorgeous geometry that surrounds the houndstooth pattern knows no bounds. Its quirky yet discordant take on the pattern while infusing it with tangy hues of orange and velvet red made for an amazing look. The exaggerated Lapels perfectly framed the entire upper body without overpowering the lower torso's details.

Anybody feeling an Angelina Jolie moment? 

Ohhh........ Did I mention there were  Hot sexy delicious men Centaurs ?..... that's how BADASS the OATV show was. 
CeLine the girls up. Its a party!

the two masterminds who conceived an image mere mortals like me could only hope to one day grasp. 
The couture label's name translates to " You think you've seen it all"   what a wonderful spectacle it was, such. Kudos to the two head designers/co-founders of the label ; Livia S. Stoyanova and Yassena Samujlova for an amazing showcase of couture's finest.The show's end marked the closing of the Fide Fashion week and with the last  model on the runway leaving the stoplight, I felt a slight ping of sadness. My life would go back to the way it was before the shows I would return to my life , but I walked away from this experience a better connoisseur of fashion and style.  The one week show imparted on me a lesson I could never have  learned from Any school (expect maybe Parsons, central saint martins or Bunka xD).

Memories of the fashion show will remain memories. But the bonds are forever. 
 I had the most amazing experience of my life and all I can say is I CAN'T WAIT for another season of the Fide Fashion Shows. 

If your going to do fashion, you better be prepared to tighten your belt and bite something hard because fashion isn't always fun. It may not pay well all the time . What's important is your passion and resilience as a designer. Learn to be a Fire Phoenix,  reborn when struck down. - Thomas Wee, the one and only

All photos of the looks are courtesy of fide fashion weeks. Visit their website at and follow their twitter at @fidepresents for updates :D OH and if you'd like, you can follow me at @samybonbon . I tweet crap but I mean well :D I'll upload another video from the Fide Fashion Shows in my next post soo see u sooooon!!!

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