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Rewind: Sustainable Fashion @ Fashion Week

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Gonna do a write-up on Yumi Katsura's Couture Bridal Showcase from the FFW soon( I say that alot don't I ?)

There are alot of things in life we need motivation for. Mine boils down to 3 things: Exercising(OMG shocker!) , reading magazines religiously (its taxing on my brain to consistently keep reading such articulate articles and feel so inadequate.) and lastly, keeping with an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

  Alot of the time, we don't realize how our "trivial" efforts of being Eco-friendly can help prevent global environment issues like deforestation or the depletion of our finite resources.  Fashion has long been a patron of this humanitarian cause and its predominantly because the environment ties in with alot of what makes up this magical Industry. 

We depend alot on the environment and its quintessential that we try our best to preserve what's left of it. Here's a great example of how Fashion can be a catalyst for spreading the message for eco-friendly change. ( SO think twice before you say fashion is bimbotic and superficial

Here's a video of the Sustainable Fashion Couture Collection from the Fide Fashion Week by Some of Asia's up and coming designers as well as A few of Singapore's very own ! Enjoy the video :D courtesy of myself.  I recommend watching it in 1080p HD. That way you'll be able to see all the details on the designs alot better.

Don't you Just Love the music! My Bopping head annoyed the Sh*t out of the person behind me. Even Fide's own Benedict Goh Strutted his stuff with a look from one of Japan's designers.  The collection was very soft. It wasn't  an "in your face" collection with highly saturated colours and tacky prints, something of a stereotype I have towards Eco-friendly Fashion. 

The efforts to bring more awareness to the matter has been extensive , with key industry makers and shakers Like H&M choosing to take big leaps in order to keep with the sustainable fashion culture they've been trying to cultivate.   Just recently, H&M has announced that You can get $10 off your next purchase at H&M if you give back some of your unwanted H&M garments, so long as your purchase is more than $80.  Labels are becoming more aware that if they want to make a noticeable impact on the global issue, they need to give their customers incentive to support their cause. We(their consumer base) are ,after all , their source of profit. are just one of the many examples of how fashion has evolved to stay relevant with causes like being eco-friendly. THEY EVENT HAVE ECO FASHION WEEK.
Sustainable design and fashion doesn't cover just the environment. Rachel Miller,Who teaches Sustainable design in the department of fashion design at Pratt Institute,said. "It could be about preserving the environmental  it could be about ethics and fair wages, it could be about a Designer that has an interest in Designing with organic material, or it may be recycling what's Already there, using recycled materials to create something new.

I may not be able to summarize the essence of the eco-friendly and sustainable movement but I hope to at least spark a bit of enthusiasm and curiosity in you to take initiative . Learn to be proactive for the cause. Be the change you want to see, regardless of whether its being eco-friendly or losing weight & exercising. 
Me at the Toni&Guy HairMeetWardobe Event at Sky Ion 
On a side-note, I hope everyone is having a wonderful month of Rest and relaxation this December  Singapore's usually quite hectic even during these times, what with big year end parties to organize and deadlines to meet. Just recently, I attended the Sexy yet Demure runway collection for Toni&Guy 's HairmeetWardrobe Spring Summer collection at the breathtaking Sky Ion( the 57th level of ion, at least i think it is?) 

I Never knew how beautiful Orchard was Till I had a bird's Eye View of the Area Way up there at Sky Ion.
Along with the amazing experience ,I walked way with some AMAZING goodies Courtesy of Style Magazine who co-sponsored the event. Since I already have the luscious hair of a Greek god, I decided to do a small little Giveaway in the spirit of Christmas  :D . Watch this space to get details on how to win these products. Here's what's up for grabs!!
A Toni&Guy laptop cover along with A few Toni&Guy hair products. 
Its ALL up for grabs people!! Toni&Guy premium products courtesy of Style Magazine.
a Fashion calender with its own stand where you slot in the respective month's card.  I wonder if anyone can recognize which designer label the pink dress is from :)

Me, trying to be artistic with the focus features.
My tiny self with a statuesque model for Toni&Guy's HairMeetWardobe Spring Summer 2013 fashion show. Doesn't she lool like a pimp with the bejeweled Cane?  
I'll post a Write-up about the Toni&guy event Along with how to win the products soon :) Once again, I can't stress enough how grateful I am that you guys continue to read my work, especially the good people of the United states that make up a large portion of my viewership.  Have a great week Ahead and An even better Christmas to come.

There is no such thing as ugly women, just a lazy women - Coco Chanel

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