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Hair Meets Wardrobe

Behemoths of the hair dressing scene, Toni&Guy have long been ardent supporters of the fashion industry . Lending their expertise to manipulate the models' hair, they create  an array of looks ranging from the psychedelic to the elegant.

  Toni&guy Follows a philosophy that believes religiously that perfection happens when the right things come. From the catwalk to the street, Toni&guy Gives Girls and Guys the tools and the techniques to stay on trend and blend outfits with hairstyles, from head to toe and root to tip .
For Toni&guy, Hair is the new Style Dictator, a fashion Instigator. From casual to classic, Creative to Glamour.   

Don't you think It's about time your hair meets your wardrobe?
Style Magazine doing some damage control. 
Toni&guy Started out in the United Kingdom in 1963 by Brothers Giuseppe(toni) and Gaetano(Guy). They were later joined by younger brothers Bruno and Anthony Mascolo. There are more than 400 Salons in the organization and it has won over 50 british hairdressing awards including Best British Artistic Team a record eleven times, British Hairdresser of the Year three times, and Newcomer of the Year seven times. Now Thats a statement!

The Ultra Chic event was held at Sky Ion ,the 57th level of ion orchard. Way up high, we're like diamonds in the sky :D lol, Diamonds By RiRi is my current Jam so everything needs to reference it. 

a spectacular view from above orchard road.
Is it creepy that I'm slightly attracted to the Middle aged DJ? 

 The hour long delay made most of the audience slightly agitated since they where there since 7.10 pm whereas the show only started  at 8.10.  The organizers were quick to dish out their finest champagne in hopes that the attendees get too buzzed to notice the delay . While everyone was busy sipping their Pink Champagne, I went straight to Devouring all of their Delicious Mini Mash potato Treats like the glutton I am, leaving little in my wake :3
Mini Mash Potatoes served before the show. An interesting substitute for Macaroons Don'cha think? delicious non the less

 It was initially unpleasant attending A fashion Show on my Own for the first time but As I sat there by myself, more people than usual took notice of me and went up to exchange a few greetings and name cards.  This must be how bryanboy feels during a show!

I could have just gazed at the view all night long. 
Directions for when, you know, you get lost 57 stories above ground level .
I've always wanted to know in which direction Bukit Timah Was from Orchard. :D thanks Sky Ion !!

An interesting Front row crowd.
 What differentiates Toni&guy's runway shows is that emphasis is not solely on the hair but more so on how the hair can be molded into a statement piece that helps you accentuate a look.

This looks alot like Burberry's Spring summer Collection
Models nowadays have a knack for running on the runway. They make it look like they were training for NS beep test. It was impossible to get clear pictures but the clothes were divine though :D 

This one simply refused to smile. The skirt she's wearing looks alot like Gucci's fall winter doesn't it? Her upper body was abit empty and felt pulled down by the lower torso because of the heavy feather skirt. Darh-lings Fashun is painful so you got to wurk it !

98.7FM 's  radio DJ Jacqui gracing us with her gloriously velvety voice as the Night's MC. 
  During a demonstration, this model's hair seen above gets transformed from a raped lion's mane into what you see below with just a few drops of Toni&guy's Sea Salt Added Texture hair solution and a brush to comb it down.

 TADA !!!! Doesn't she look totally different? I love Jacqui's Ultra blur look in the background XD 
Best look of the night

It looks like a toned down version of balmain, Doncha think?
Huney is still Werking IT even when her Weave is being done :3 FIERCE!!
Her thoughts: I must not laugh I must not laugh I must not laugh I must not laugh I must not laugh
OMG -.-Do my eyes play tricks on me?  Is that thing sitting front row really wearing ONLY a simple T-shirt and denim hot shorts? She's lucky my phone was dead . I would have called the fashion police ASAP and be all Chris Brown on her ass!  Is her eyes working? Is her brain working? How Did she walk in without having tomatoes thrown at her? Is the security working? 

 Look Who i got to meet.!!!! Desiree , the author of http://desireeliew.blogspot.sg/ !!!  I've admired this Woman's writing and take on fashion for so long now, It was really great to have finally met her in person. Every blogger I've ever held close to my heart as an idol have all been so extremely humble thus far. They have done nothing but treat me with respect like I'm one of them and even dish out a few blogging tips . I felt so loved and accepted, I've never expected them to be so friendly and helpful. Indeed A night well spent :]

Beauty inside and out !
Coincidentally, there was an art gallery showing within the vicinity of the fashion show. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to appreciate local art, I sneaked past the entrance that had two security guards who were busy getting tipsy from the champagne and were to distracted to notice lil old me :]

I tried to not view this from a sexual perspective, but the balloons are making it hard for me :( 
Beautiful 4D layering
Im guessing the inspiration was Adventure time ? That looks alot like Princess Bubblegum

Artistis no?
Ive always had this stereotype that Local art couldn't hold a candle to the art from overseas but It seems times have changed and Singapore's art scene is becoming more profound and recognized. My only hope is that the local fashion scene gets its its credits as much as the arts scene does . Before deciding to call it a day, I decided to Make a last minute trip to Prologue to See what's hot on the shelves these days. Being in bookstores or stationary shops make me reminisce of a time when my Mother would take me stationary shopping before the new school term starts every December.  Ahhh Youth, How I miss you so.
I couldn't resist myself. He makes my mouth water... Hmmmm....
Something tells me I'm going to be reading "DAman" alot more often :D
So Here's whats in the amazing goodie bag courtesy of Toni&guy as well as Style Magazine. A toni&guy Laptop case along with 6 toni&guy hair products . Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not in need of such Products that will deflower the virgin beauty of my hair and so, I'm giving them away in the spirit of Christmas!! I don't care if you live in America or Honduras, I'll air mail all this to you if you can answer my questions correctly.  Its All very simple. Just answer 3 questions that I will ask and you stand to win Everything in the picture above.  You Don't need to like some shady facebook page or share something you don't want to. Easy Right? 

All you need to do is email your answers  to dreamingofdior@gmail.com and I'll pick a random winner :D The questions are the captions for the pictures below. Good luck!!
Sea Salt Texturising spray, Extreme hold Hair spray, firm Hold hair spray, Shampoo for damaged hair, condition for damaged hair, Anti-frizz hair serum  . COURTESY OF STYLE MAG !!!

When was Toni&guy founded?

What's the month corresponding to the calender card  in middle row second from the left.  ( word play, just to make it a little more fun :D )

Who is the designer of this red dress she's wearing? 
  Simply email your answers to dreamingofdior@gmail.com and you might just win the WHOLE Goodie bag with all its goodies which also includes an Ion Orchard Fashion Calender for 2013 which is ultra chic along with a copy of December's issue of Style. You can even email me if you want clues to any of the three questions .  ITS SO SIMPLE AND REQUIRES LITTLE EFFORT SO DONT BE A LAZY BUM AND START EMAILING!!!   State your Name and country of origin in your Answer email . The winner will be announced in my Sunday post AND if you didn't win, dont worry!!! I'm attending the Depression Autumn Winter Showcase this Saturday and I'll be giving away my Goodie bags Too!! Aren't I the most generous person ever? Rumour has it that their going to include depression vouchers and CD albums in the goodie bags so watch this space if you want to win!!

I know its becoming repetitive that I constantly thank you for reading my blog but I really am enternally grateful that I even get 10 views a day and its Been an amazing year for me. I've accomplished things I never knew I was capable of until and its all thanks to this blog and ofcourse to you .

  Recently, I've been thinking alot of making the change from blogger to Wix.com . I've been experimenting with a few templates that I thought would be cool. Here's a link to what I've created on Wix.com so far http://dreamingofdior.wix.com/dreamofdior .  I'd love to get some feedback from my readersSo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop me a comment saying whether you like the new wix blog template or whether you prefer the way dreamofdior is now on blogger.  I accept hate mail as well. 

   Lastly, I'd just like to say to my Readers from the united states that everyone in Singapore is Behind You with the Recent Mass shootings. I Can't fathom how painful it must be for the families of the children to go through such a tough loss so close to Christmas day . My heart goes out to the families involved and to everyone who was caught in the crossfire. Open your hearts to the spirit of the holidays and embrace family because Its all we have in this world.
Stay Safe and have a great week ahead everybody.  

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." Henry Ford

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