Friday, 21 December 2012

Electric Holiday: Barneys x Disney

 First off, I’d like to give a big fat greasy gay bear hug to all the people who sent in their answers for the Toni&Guy goodie bag giveaway!! You guys were super sporting though a lot of you couldn’t figure out the designer for the red dress question. Note that I asked for the designer which implies the brand name as well  ( for e.g.: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy ) The answer is SUCH A GIVEAWAY , it’s in my blog name PEOPLE !!

In all honestly, I deeply appreciate the effort everybody put in. I know DreamofDior isn't some hotshot blog that’s on errrrbady’s favorite bar and I’m definitely not the best dressed blogger in town. In fact, if you mention DreamofDior to anyone else, they’ll think it’s a charity that Dior’s having for Children with Chronic Diseases.

 I wish I could give actual Dior goodies away but I’m not in the position to do. Being a BryanBoy isn't as hard when You have MEGA brands to back you up and sponsor stuff to give away. After all, bloggers are the new black and Labels are constantly looking for ways to reinvent their e-commerce and  revitalize their fading novelty. I guess I'll just have to charm you with my writing and pictures then :D

On a side note, I’ve wanted to share a video I stumbled upon while browsing the Barneys website weeks ago (because you know, I can actually afford their stuff. All I need to do is sell both kidneys). I Hope it brightens up your day as much as it did mine.

 I've always had this fascination about New York.The city of dreams :] Everything's so surreal and glamorous. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere right?  And is there any better time to be in NYC than During fashion week?  Once again, Mega luxury retailer Barneys New York pairs up with Disney to create a fashion fantasy for the holiday season. The video perfectly captures my first memory at a fashion show. It was so EPIC. The music, the lighting, the PEOPLE !  Its indescribable.   Here's a few people featured in the video who caught my eye.

 Alber Elbaz is the Jesus of Fashion. He represents everything I idolize. His unparalleled creativity knows no equal. He reincarnated Lanvin into the behemoth it is now. What's most admirable about him is how he stays true to the Lanvin's original manifesto of being timeless and doesn't try to derail its vision. It's Disappointing when newly appointed designers *COUGH COUGH* HEDI SLIMANE *COUGH COUGH*  take over huge reputable brands and completely redesign everything the brand stands for, all in the name of profit. What is a brand without its heritage, No?

BryanBoy is either "pitching a tent " or his pants are malfunctioning. I cant even tell if he's standing up or sitting down cross-legged ?
 I'm too scared to critic Daphne Guinness. This women has a cult following and I don't want to endanger my life. Either way, She looks fab in everything, anytime ,anywhere

Suzy Menkes is not amused. Lady Gaga is Unconscious. Bridget Foley looks sexually aroused and Linda Evangelista is giving that look joan rivers would give on fashion police. 
Franca Sozzani is Slightly intrigued. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a Horse,nuff sad
Alber Elbaz is a happy Lanvinista, BryanBoy Lookin Fabulously lost in the moment. Suzy Cutie Menkes, Steven Meisel and  Carine Roitfeld intoxicated and about to neutered. 
beautiful monochrome 2-piece On Cru-el-la by Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler On tiana and Snow White for Nina Ricci though it looks more like a Diane Don Furstenberg don't cha think! 
 As 2012 comes to a close, I reflect back the major turning points this year. I think a Countdown is in order right?  I don't want to drag this article too much since its just a short update but I hope everyone's been having a great week so far. A big thank you to all the people who aren't in Singapore but participated anyways in the giveaway .  Extra brownie points for you! & Congratulations to Miss USA for being crowned Miss Universe , The first ever American to be queen. Stay safe and I'll see you soon.

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.- Walt Disney

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