Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Leader of the Pack: Resort Collection

A vast majority of the Singaporean Population don’t full grasp the concept of seasonal collections such as Autumn Winter, especially if you walk around Zara in Singapore. You're bound to find two old Aunties who do nothing but walk around the store all high n Mighty with their vintage Vuitton speedies as they violently bitch about how crazy Zara is to consider selling such oversized coats or wool cardigans that are bound to make you sweat your balls off / soak your bras in perspiration .

 In their words, “THEY CRAZY IS IT? Make this kind of clothes for what? They want people to die of heatstroke?!! “. What they don't grasp is the importance of such seasonal clothing, regardless of their weather type.

The Singapore population believe that wearing a trench coat in Public is as practical as being nude in the snow

Any Collection, Regardless of their seasonal influence, is crucial .It allows for the newer generation of fashion savvy customers to have more options to choose from. This allows them to mix and match between seasons, giving them more space to exercise their creative styling and make use of the different color palettes that are occasionally exclusive to certain seasons. For example, Brown is perennial for autumn while gold is Da-Sex for Pre-spring..

Pre-Spring summer l spring summer l Autumn Winter l Winter Fall l Pre-Fall etc.…… All these psychotic seasons and too many discordant trends give people style headaches. Fashion needed an Avatar; A collection that can bend the mighty elements from all the seasons.
 And with that,the Resort collection was brought into existence . 

 When it comes to resort, there are but a few chosen labels that can masterfully execute a collection that’s just the right amount of sassy mixed with old-school conservatism.  

A few of the resort collections that I Champion are from labels like Derek Lam . Here's His Resort collection for 2012

AND BEFORE I FORGET, I’d like to congratulate Melly Jackson from The state of Ohio for winning the Toni&Guy hair product giveaway. You won me over with your effort and sincerity, especially since you live soooooo far away! That , and the random email generator choose you :D 

As for the depression goodie bag giveaway, I’ll be taking a longer break than expected but Imma still post it up soon (within the next 3 days).   Here's a sneak Peak of the Xmas party @ depression. 

I won’t want to drag this post too long like how I do with every other post. Its Christmas and I’d like for everyone to spend it with family or friends . Regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, its important that we remind our family how much they mean to us. Cherish them ,Build new memories and grow as a person. 

BTW: Dear Singaporean Readers, ZARA sales are expected to start soon but don’t buy anything just yet. The management there is a bitch if they think we’re dumb enough to buy straight off the bat .Those motherchuckers will change the sales amount from 30 to 70% if you’re patient enough to wait another week, so tighten your belts and shine your shoes because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! 


If it’s not edible , it’s not food. If it’s not wearable, it’s not fashion 
– Alber Elbaz 

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