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Zadig and Voltaire Press Release

Z&V's Fall/winter collection: Fabulously provocative and yet still sophisticated ! The Soiree Organized by PublisistPR for Zadig and Voltaire's Preview of their Fall winter collection was anything but mundane. An 80s vibe resonated strongly and with models gracing us with their gorgeous looks, Zadig and Voltaire's ever youthful collection took center stage. From Runway to reality, Street chic High fashion was the word for this event and i was on the scene to report all that went down.
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I was lucky enough to have been blessed with an opportunity that presented itself to me by PublisistPR who were gracious enough to have invited me to the event.  THANKS A LOT GUYS.!!! 
So there i was browsing facebook when I was redirected to PublisistPR's FB page.  What really caught my attention was that they were organizing Zadig and Voltaire's Press release AND were inviting people on an RSVP basis. I Swear, i felt my water bag burst when i read that sentence. My love for this brand knows NO bounds !! Filled with complete euphoria and glee, i sent my RSVP to PublisistPR.   Words cannot describe how gratifying the event was for me So I'll let the pictures speak volume about what transpired. 

Saw her when i walked into the store and immediately knew i had to take a picture with her and python clutch.   The dress had an embellished neckline and was paired nicely with an understaded belt that perfectly assensuated her waist.

MY BFF/ partner in crime during the event.
Champagne+ Good looking people + Hip music + Game changer clothes worn By Gorgeous models = an amazing event.

FASHION ALERT: Salvatore Ferragamo Last fall winter Varina flats with sequin details on the bow. Having the world at your feet is an understatement when Ferragamo's your weapon of choice

One of the less camera shy attendees. Her bejeweled top would have gone well with Louis Vuitton's new sequin embellished bags from fall winter 2012, not that it was't already very mesmerizing. It reminded me of Past Season's Miu Miu. 
Bobbi brown's make up expert giving us tips on how to look gorg this fall winter
 This part was f*cking (excuse my french) hilarious !! According to the make up guru from BOBBI BROWN,  exaggerated blush is the password for this year's fall winter look. When i turned around to catch a glimpse of my friend, her face was completely flushed due to the 4 CUPS of Champagne she drank. She clearly didn't need any more blusher. 

couldn't concentrate properly because the lady infront of me was wearing some eccentric and well paired costume jewerly. The rusted look is a definite winner. 

From the get go, I knew she was someone related to Fashion. Being a Stylist for Mediacorps many publications and prints, Her works range from Mediacorp's advertisement campaigns to styling for FHM magazine .  Its funny because i didn't think Wearing clothes was a big issue for FHM. I had this preconception that people in the fashion industry are very self centered and didn't like being approached by anyone seen to be of lesser rank, much less a fashion blogger what with the heated debate stirred up by an article from ELLE magazine. This idea dissolved away as my conversation with her got more detailed and personal. Being a stylist, she gave me a lot of advise on thinking practical in the fashion industry. Its all about being versatile and knowing the right "mold" for you. She mentioned that she had a colleague that was previously working in finance but now works as a fashion buyer. Hearing this really made me smile because it gave me hope of still being a buyer since I'm not from an arts background. It strengthened my belief that You don't need to always make your life about fashion because Fashion is everything. Fashion is art, it is literature. it is the sea, the sky, the ground you walk on and everything else u can perceive with your 5 senses. As long as u know ur passion and that inner drive to succeed , there's nothing stopping u from clinching that position, especially if its a position in the fashion industry. Take for example people Like Muicca Prada and Tom Ford  . Muicca Prada was a MIME for FIVE YEARS while Tom was an actor who studied architecture.    Its about what u know u can do and building a portfolio to convince your future employers about what You're capable of, not some Arts school that has a name that sounds french. 

I' , for that brief period, lost the ability to open my eyes. Hence, the squinting effect. Feel free to mock :]

me "working hard" as i get the inside scoop from the attendees about what they think about the brand.
  If its one opinion i hear a lot during the press release, is that people find that Zadig and Voltaire makes them feel 40 years younger and who can blame them. The Chic fashion behemoth of a brand had that rock and roll vibe throughout its collection, of which their denim jeans was a hot favorite amongst buyers. Their Leather double breasted jackets, studded sequin tops and digital print t-shirts will make anyone reminisce about their wild youth. The image of vibrant adolescent energy was what really captured the hearts of customers and essentially, Zadig and Voltaire had something truly unique to and of itself.

Champagne anyone ?

I know what your thinking. U think that studded belt is to die for right?

the model is the guy behind the other guy in white but i love how the white shirt guy stands out from all that black.  He's a looker too :D

God sent down an angel and he landed in the Zadig and Voltaire store that night.  

Yet again, i Know what your thinking. Your thinking The powerplug in the background is not in the appropriate color with the walls. 

fabulous people from the Red Tree group. Don't u just love the Esprit dress to the far right.  

An esprit dress paired with a gucci sima bag . THis bag is a real steal for its price of $1400+ . Get your hands on it during their sale between november and late January :D


Doing some digging as i interviewed the attendees. The wonderful doll in the picture is a journalist from berita harian.  Couldn't keep my eyes off her bedazzling and bejeweled Steve madden flats. 
I managed to interview a journalist from the malay newspaper berita harian.  Its so refreshing to have met someone who could hold a decent and intelligent conversation amongst all that fashion going around. She was kind enough to share with me what's been going on in the malay fashion scene (eg : sutra magazine and their openings for stylists etc)  The feeling of interviewing the attendees about their opinion on the brand really gave me a sense of fulfillment, i was so possessed by the idea of socializing with fashion's elite during the event that i didn't notice i was throwing myself at people and hopping from one person to another to snap pictures XD

Nat with Fellow Poshism Writer/ really Friendly guy who runs onyxedition.blogspot.com CHECK HIS BLOG OUT GUYS!!!!!

my 2nd FAVORITE picture from the event. 

Hermes Kelly Double tour bracelet in gold hardware paired with the mother of all bracelets: the Collier de chien in black lizard skin and gold hardware. OMG i bet it costs like a BOMB

The watch looks like a time travelling device. I roughly estimate the price of the watch to be about $20K ? or more....

Although he was super rich, MR BLING BLING ( since his arm candy shines brighter than a Swarovski store) was genuinely a friendly and approachable person. When someone asked whether they could take a look at his watch, he immediately took it off and handed it over. I have friends who won't even dare lend their Casio watches to one another while this guy openly trusts people with his. He displayed an suave+enduring+humble personality that i find to be very rare nowadays. 
My CDC looks like a sweet wrapper compared to his arsenal of arm Candy .

MR BLING BLING's Mom holding on to a stunning studded champagne red Alexander Mcqueen clutch .  Poise yet  edgy .

I THOUGHT she was his sister !!! I love how he's wearing a Women's Gucci blazer from spring summer 2011  He isn't afraid to challenge the norm and dress different. 
once again, Mom is wearing Alexander mcqueen boots. Avante garde Designers
 make up the epitome of couture fashion No?

  The climax of the party was meeting and actually having a conversation with The writer of mymomhatesfashion.blogspot.com.  He appeared to me like a vision. When we locked gazes, i literally forgot everything and when straight into shutdown mode.  It was like seeing a celebrity. My mind literally turned into mush when i tried to talk to him but luckily, he's amazingly friendly and very down to earth . Soo friendly and open was he to have given me advice about how to be a better blogger. During the mini interview I had with my idol, he mentioned that Having your own unique persona and voicing opinions out in a different perspective keeps you relevant and fresh. Its all about building your network and knowing the right people.  The blog star Donned Acne Jeans that were complimented by his riveting crystal necklace from the jewelry label "By Invites Only" sold exclusively(Last time i checked o.o) at doorstepluxury.com

HE LOOKED AT ME..!!!!!! i can die a peaceful soul now
this picture makes me and him look so sociable . He really was a really open person to talk to. Check out his amazing blog mymomhatesfashion.blogspot.com

Besides my face which is incapable of a camera worthy expression, don't u just love Liyana Ishak's ( a fellow model I talked to during the event) expression to the far right.   Priceless!! 
  There were alot more pictures taken during the event but the circumstances were such that I couldn't get my hands on all of them but i'll be sure to post them soon. All in all, the event was a success based on my standards( lol, what standards ). All the attendees were fully entertained and the clothes displayed really helped everyone understand more about the brand's manifesto and vision for style. The ambiance of the party was classy but still managed to maintain the youthful chic rocker image that reverberated throughout the room . The organizers even had goodie bags at the end of the festivities for
people like LIL OLD ME( i LOVE goodie bags :3 ) . PublisistPR did a spot on job . 10 over 10 

Stay tuned as I cover more  high fashion events this fall winter like the tiffany and co wedding reception on the 29th of sept and the VIP Women's Haute Couture week on the 5th of oct , BOTH @ the Marina Bay Sands .  If you're interested in attending any of these events, drop me an email at dreamingofdior@gmail.com requesting for an RSVP for the event or drop a comment below.  Till then, I hope you still enjoy my personal take on style in Singapore. Spring summer is creeping up and I'm not even done with fall winter yet >.<

My unavoidable departure with fall/winter is going to be very painful but it brings about a rebirth of trends and designs. If there's something to look forward to for december, its the pre spring summer collections from the usual Fashion labels that have gotten us through the tough times with their cashmere scarfs and silk tops (eg: Gucci , Salvatore Ferragamo etc )
Once again, i Thank you for reading my blog. If u have anything u wanna Bitch voice out, feel free to drop a comment below. 

Fashion Tit Bit: 
Luxury Brands like Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi etc. hold their Pre Spring Summer sale in the late weeks of November till the early weeks of January or February. It's always best to buy during the end of the sales period because that is when they dish out the biggest discounts. The only downside is that you might not have a new piece or the item that is your size is sold out due to its popularity. 

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