Thursday, 20 September 2012

Your 411 for Fall/Winter

Sneak Peak From last Night's AmazeBalls Event At Zadig and Voltaire
Stay tuned for a full post on the lowdown from Zadig and Voltaire's press release !
  Fall/Winter has been seasoned with drama and peppered with delightful trends that never seem to stop with their extravagant incarnations throughout the collections from all the top dog labels.. The fashion world is now officially like a candy shop x]
Minimalism was clearly given the cold shoulder this year. Overly exasperated embroidery & embellishments seamlessly paired with a myriad of colors. I CANNOT TANKZ !! Brace yourselves, a renaissance revolution is coming., courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna

-------> Fall Winter is officialy MY FAV SEASON EVER.!!!  <-------

The level of high fashion displayed by the world's most celebrated names in the industry have caramelized style into something so disastrously seductive and sensual  that I'm not sure what to expect for next season. It seems almost impossible to top what fall winter has graced us with.

childish, yes. But the message is Clear.

  Scrumptious design solutions on the runway for the already passe designs of spring summer have left me awestruck as I observe the trends like gilded patterns and luxurious sicilian lace . It seemed like no Brand did badly, everyone was a winner. Names like Valentino, Louis Vuttion, Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Dior, Bulgari , Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander Mcqueen, Oscar dela Renta and alot more mass market fashion staples once again reign supreme in the tittle of ultimate trend setters.

 Muicca Prada literally turned back the clock to an era where Pan suits made everyone swoon. Her ingenious notion of geometric crystalline almost mineral-esque patterns made me think of an era where chivalry was key and crisp edges in patterns were all the rage. 

You know its true. Prada Can do No Wrong.

With Each pattern having just the right amount of quirky zest, Prada's take on the geometric craze was somewhat discordant but robust. Every design had a relevance,  its own unspoken glamour .  Every Color perfectly saturated with beaded and bejeweled embellishments bringing a sensation of grandeur to all beholders.  Honeycomb designs and repetitious patterns in a myriad of psychedelic colors bring me to my knees !!!!
Zingy details vibrate throughout Prada's collection. Think Retro, Think Austin Powers,  Think Prada fall winter 2012

Gucci's Frida Giannini unleashed a collection that was abundant in dark and decadent designs that ranged from seductive goddess gowns made of velvet and sheer fabric, completely catching the essence of a period  in the 70s where elegant ballgowns would be donned by socialites during masquerade parties,  to double breasted suits complete with gilded brocades that embraced baroque/ equestrianism style with open arms. Ive actually seen the green velvet dress At the Gucci store in Paragon and all i have to say is, "they knowledge of how to make even velvet feel so rich makes them the top brands of the world, there's no doubt. " 
Dacedant Grecian goddess gowns,  the sheer opulence and texture luxurious velvet and Oversized mink coats with equestrian styled suits paired with croc riding boots make me yearn to go over to the dark side !! 
  And this is just a small part of what rocked the fashion universe for Fall winter . Sadly i don't have the time to rave about baroque madness that's been taking the world by storm so i'll just leave u with this.  One thing's for sure, Minimalism was given the cold shoulder this season. This fall/winter, its all about exaggerated proportions, over the top embellishments and a treat of texture along with color variations that are set to bring about a style revolution.  Its about accentuating the high waist look, pants that graze your ankles and eccentric prints, be it lace ,floral or geometric. Are u in for the change or are you out with the non-believers of fall winter 2012 ? Mark my words people. One way or another, these designs will flood your forever 21 boutiques, take over the designs from online blogshops and over-run every topshop outlet where ever you are. 

Fashion Tit-Bit:

they do this so that they can maintain their image of exclusivity. a little extreme won't u say? 

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