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Worst looks from Fashion Week NYC

Websites like Yahoo News , Style and other fashion related blogs for some time now have posted articles on who designed the worst looks for fall winter's fashion week in NEW YORK CITY.
AND since im post-menstrual and super edgy right now,  im gonna give my own personal opinions on whether it really does suck, or their just over reacting and dont see the full picture. LETS BEGIN.!  
PS, if u like betsey Johnson, i suggest u dont read. Im gonna slam her like she's a broken iphone. 

Apparently a runway look for Betsey Johnson
OMG..?? when I first heard that betsey Johnson was going bankrupt, i felt sad for her and thought," maybe its the economy".  GURLFRIEND IT AINT, its her wonderfully tacky designs. This does not look like something that deserves to be shown on the runway, even the PASAR MALAM
 ( night market ) doesn't deserve to be humiliated with this dress.  Anything a designer chooses to showcase on the runway has to be carefully thought of. This is why runway couture look so amazing. its because they've been checked and realtered and checked again and modified to be perfect. This looks like Betsey got up and drew a dress while high on Cat Sh*t    (harsh, but i mean, look a the clothes..!!! ) The color of the dress doesn't do the shape of the dress justice ( not that i can see much of it since there's a bloody pig in the way -.- ) . honestly the dress looks like its a Dolce and Gabanna night gown , minus the wonderful gold gilded accents and the scrumptious layers of luxurious chiffon that D&G usually has, so this dress isnt a total shitbomb. its just the color, the material and honestly, the model. this isn't a good look. Put this on someone abit taller and maybe with a decent smile MINUS the clown make up, and we MIGHT have a winner

This one for Betsey really hit a new low.  The dress is actually to me fine. i like the extra embellishments done below the hem of the lower part of the dress. It looks like what something MiuMiu or Dior would do. What puts it off, and I mean FAR OFF like all the way to the moon OFF is the horrendous long socks that are the  color of my cheap crayon set from Diaso.  Betsey KNEW she was setting herself up for failure the minute she places those flippers on the model. ATLEAST make the flipper have heels? 

THIS one has left me speachless, like how I'm sure the peoeple who attended the fashion show were. It looks like what a collab between Sailormoon costume designers and TOYSrUS would look like. 

I think Anna Dello Russo saw this and went " I think im gonna wear this next fashion week in Milan ".   THIS is soooooo her style. Maybe Betsey Johnson is Anna's personal stylist (lol no disrespect to Anna. The woman is a visionary )  Its soo over the top but its not super ugly , its just tacky. And tacky isnt bad, it just needs more modern references to make it more relatable. Maybe if it was made in pony hair and was in a zebra print, I'd look at it twice. It just looks cheap to me right now

Jeremy Scott can do NO harm .I DONT care what anyone says. This Look to me is SOO JEREMY SCOTT.  The designer famous for his collabs with the sports label Adidas is known more for his "monochromatic animalistic" influences and I for one think this phython skin in this somewhat blueish turquoise colour is GORG. All the other big boys like Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Donna karen, Bulgari etc are doing the exotic animal prints at an all time high this fashion week so its no big deal. If its a trend, then it cant be Bad. I do admit it does look abit like a construction worker fell into an atelier 
 ( ever wondered why all these brands always seem to come up with somewhat similar influences and designs each season?  that story is for another time :] )

Prabal Gurung knows i love him and He loves me even more. But he needs to know one thing. This THING he displayed on the runway should never EVER see the light of day ever again.......EVER.!!  The sheer elements of the torse downwards is amazing. Its texture is just right and their thickness is what really makes it pop cause it looks so delicate yet visible. It has a romantic and sensual air about it. BUT then there's the dead ostrict on this dress that made me face palm myself.    This should instead have been paired with Long sleeve gloves maybe full leathe gloves
(if it were laced gloves, wont u think it looks to dolce and gabanna ?  )  Besides this mistake of a dress, Prabal.G did blow me away with the rest of his fall winter 2012 collection. It was very well executed and had all the prerequisites of a high end designer label collection, but that topic is for another time.

This piece of couture from my all time favorite brand RODARTE isnt that bad but some people are saying the patterns mimics that of the brain's.  Even if it does, which i dont think it does, it shows how multi faceted Rodarte is in their designs. Clearly the pink is the background fabric, while the black brocades are floral patterns. Yet people interpret it differently, but the fact that they do makes this design even more deserving of praise. Rodarte is know for their grecian gowns that are frequently donned by Celebrities and A-listers like Keira Knightly (This woman deserves a post from me ALL to herself. Her style is sheer 
effortless elegance !! ) and i personally feel its good to see Women wear rodarte rather than the usual brands that have become fashion staples for high profile events like Valentino( don't get me wrong, i love this man with all my heart <3 ) and elie saab. Its refreshing to learn about new designers like Zuhair Murah 
(He's not new. But i just discovered him recently. ) when their designs aren't shown on the runway but on things like mags or the television because it shows that their pieces are soo good they dont need publicity from runways for people to buy them. MORE SO if celebrities feel that its worth being worn during a movie premier 
or a gala event (like ma birthday :] ), then it must be an amazing design. 

I know christmas is around the corner and everyone has a thing for sugar canes but this design is borderline horrible. Awkwardly, its still a couture piece. Pastels, exotic prints,heavy metalic accents and earthy ethereal tones are all the rage this fashion week in New York and the colors used in this Getup is  anything but trendy.  Ironically, i feel its still edgy because without the violent looking candy cane vines that encase the model , the suit underneath has a substancial shape and the plaid patters pattern is very "in season", with brands like Kenzo and Marni taking up the plaid pattern as their safeguard against the fashion police (yours truly :] ) If this was maybe made in opulent (my new fav word for fall/winter) velvet green along with deep turquoise blue silk( or wool or cashmere or whatever) it would have definitely gone up my list of best suits I've ever seen.  

Yahoo news called this the "Body condom" look. I think the direction the designers was going for was more veil-ish but the accents weren't strong enough for the the "body condom" to look like a veil. Veils are accessories to the whole outfit that can cannot stand on its own. They act as amplifiers of the existing design of the main body of the Look. BUT this "veil" doesn't seem to have anything in common with the main body of the look.the colors don't flatter each other, the shapes are boring, the material looks tacky and they they also don't match in texture. When veils are in play, the texture of the veil with the main dress or gown or whatever u choose to pair it with, must be on the extremes of the spectrum. its either identical or totally distinguishable.

AND there You have it Ladies and FashionGents, a small microscopic segment of my opinion of a small part of the all encompassing event that is fashion week.   the following posts are going to be concentrating on luxury fashion and the BIG WHO's WHO DOING WHAT as well as trends that we never saw coming fresh from the runway.  Once again, thank you for reading and i hope to continue to excite you guys with my nonsense about fashion and all its splendor. 

Fashion qoute :
BAD Color does not exist, only bad Color Combinations ----- sooooo true !!!!

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