Monday, 5 August 2013

Find the "fashion" and hit the ignition

It's been quite awhile since I last updated any fashion-centric news on DoD and for that, I deeply apologize. (WARNING: this post is going to be something along the lines of a pseudo soliloquy!) The life of an 18 year old fashion blogger is not one of accessibility and simplicity, It resembles that of docile nun. You see, fashion doesn't drive fashion. I don't need to write fashion because Art, theatre, politics, the economy and any other Force related to the human world drives fashion. It is but a mere side-effect of a clash in culture. I am but a mere accelerator of this "side-effect". 

Having been ruminating over trivial issues like grades, social status and career opportunities, I;being the incapable human being that I am, could not devote much time nor effort into maintaining this blog :(  The thing is, I write more for now as compared to Dreamofdior. To be honest, I came to a point whereby I felt like I was going nowhere as a writer for them. Here's why.

My creativity was beyond stifled, the sarcastic connotations in my writing: abolished by the stringent literary guidelines imposed by my editors. And though I am grateful for the exposure and experience, I can't help but feel like I have outgrown my position.  Soooooooooooooo here's the topic of the day for you. There comes a time when you will inevitably need to promulgate a new identity for yourself, break away from the hard and stubborn shell that has sheltered you all this while, and reach for bigger & brighter horizons. As for myself, I'm not sure where I'll be heading . Despite the ambiguity that lies ahead of me, I feel at peace because I know; I am not short of options.  It's a mindset that is , truth be told, quite hard to maintain but the most resilient in times of despair. It's perfectly fine to test the waters of a few pools before you eventually make your grand entrance with a splash. ( I'm an ardent believer that everyone has the potential to throw themselves into deep shit and come out as a stronger person). Allow yourself to be influenced by the powers that be and their demand for change. 

I leave you with this seemingly irrelevant snippet of information. There is this phenomenon called the placebo effect. Essentially, it focuses on the intrinsic ability in all of us to heal ourselves. The only variable is willpower: when will you choose to leave the life you've always known, only to embrace a newer,stronger YOU?  Eventually, all of us will outgrow ourselves. We leave our shells behind and take our first steps in the real world, bare and exposed. (CLICHE LINE ALERT) That is when we grow the most. 

-Yours Sincerely, Sam Dreamofdior :)

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