Sunday, 16 September 2012

New takes , evolving prespectives.

I admit , my judgement over how the Organizing committee handled the royals' visit to queenstown was a bit close minded and rather harsh (and valgur, my apologies dear readers) . after reflecting, i've realised that such representations of the society, no matter now staged and superficial it may be, are all part and parcel of presenting ourselves in a manner that shows visiters, in this case the royals, what life in singapore CAN be when its at its best.   I should stick to doing posts on what i have passion for. soon to come, i'll have posts discussing my first experience with fashion and why i choose it as the path i wanted to take for my life. also, my own biography on my personal role model, THE ALL POWERFUL KING OF FASHION TOM FORD HIMSELF ( the very action of listening to him talk makes me cry of sheer glee . his very picture makes me salivate over my keyboard.....)   

BTW, just got my own birds of paradise shirt from givenchy.  isnt it divine. im gonna never take it off unless a better design comes out.  Tisci is truly leading givenchy into a new light. its gonna give brands like chanel and cartier a run for its money soon in the future. till then, i hope u continue to read my blogposts and im truly sorry if i seem to have horrible spelling . sometimes i get so excited typing i cyber scribble.         to end things off, imma show u guys some collection pieces from dolce and gabanna . they truly epitomize italian fashion.  LOOK AT THE baroque patterns *nosebleed* !!!!  tomorrow, i'll release a post on their gilded collection for fall/winter where they displayed the opulence of baroque art & patterns. Also, a diedie must talk about collection from prada. muicca prada's decision to make prada pan suits and double breasted coats in futuristic & geometric patterns scream posh. classic prada with an urban twist ( its funny, i saw the pattern seen on the runways of prada in H&M, read my first post where i explained how big brands influence the simple brands us ordinary folk buy from)    


 PS, I BEG OF YOU MY READERS, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON HOW I CAN IMPROVE ON MY WRITING. I HOPE TO GET SOME RESPONSES SO THAT I CAN SERVE YOU GUYS BETTER.   i shall read ur comments while my tears drip into my lime juice, but i know it shows u guys enjoy atleast a bit of my writing.  it means alot that i got some response.  
BTW, there's gonna be a zadig and voltaire private show show this 20th of september and i'll be attending ,bringing all the juicy pictures fresh from the show .

Fashion quote. :
fashion you can buy. style one must possess

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