Friday, 14 September 2012

royal pain in kate's ASS , Literally.

they look so confused. and their grabbing their crotches? they think the lion's gonna bite i guess?

 we've all heard about how the fierce and fab royal couple AKA "ma homies from da hood" prince william and the commoner turned princess Kate angelface middleton gracing LIL OLD singapore with their presence . lots of issues were raised like how the level of fake enthusiasm some singaporeans have is higher than an overweight person's cholesterol level due to this one picture depicting the royal lovebirds strolling down what seems to be a "typical afternoon in singapore"  note, the wayang-ness of this horriblely staged fiasco is through the roof. 

as u can obviously see, this is from 9gag so dear trolls, dont be a bit*h
 what is the meaning of this QUEENSTOWN JRC or whoever runs this town ( rihanna reference :3 ) ..?!!! portraying a misleading image of singaporeans. I'm sure my darling royals arent stupid. they know this is all a ploy made up by the organizing committee who, in their F*cked up minds somehow thought this was an amazing idea . this makes us look soooooo down right pathetic and cheap.
again, a photo taken from 9gag to express my sheer disappointment in the people who thought of this

 The organizers must have been sniffing their own farts while playing mahjong drunk when they decided to do this cause DIS SHIT CRAY .   We're basically showing the world we have no sense of identity and that we're just "posing for pictures"   AND furthermore OLD PEOPLE WHO DO TAICHI near the playground will get   " CHOK SLAMMED"  by the kids playing nearby confirm plus chop plus international stamp. WHO Does taichi near a playground o.o ?  There's a place for u to do ur "cut your watermellon and split into half" taichi routines and its certainly not near the monkey bars.   i bet they even had an advertisement on JobsDB for people who wanted to act in this disgusting stage show.  If u want to see real Singapore, take the mrt trains and watch the regular cat fights go down between the cranky and crotchety old folks of singapore VS the ahlians/minahs/mats/ahbengs/others of Singapore. Better yet , its all recorded online on this website called where singaporeans show the world how crazy (and at times how stupid) we as singaporeans can be :D YAY US FOR being so "intelligent" . For a country that was recently found to be the richest country in the world with the highest GDP rate, we certainly arent rich in the ability show others what we really are. How about a stroll along lau pa sat or walk along the CDB district, that alone will show u many facets of singaporean culture. for example, our food culture, our work culture, our dressing etc. We cant and shouldn't hide from who we are or show a side of us that isnt honest. I for one am proud i come from singapore, and i feel we should show them our best side, the REAL side.    

meanwhile,more disturbing news has surfaced recently and its quite the catch.  Its been reported that a french publication is prepared to publish photos of KATE dollface MIDDLETON topless. the picture was taken when kate when sunbathing with prince william beside a pool with kate wearing only black and white bikini bottoms while william applies lotion( not sure ) on her asscheecks.  ( lol , it must have been quite embarrasing to have been shot doing that ) 

 If memory serves me well, a similar incident involving prince harry with his naked pictures in las vegas with some commoner woman caused a stir in the media but that quickly died down as fast as it bubbled up.  SO whats the difference with these two situations?  Its that kate is still by blood not a royal. Harry, being a british royal, gets amnesty against alot of laws around the world .  

Publications would have to think twice before printing any article regarding the royals that might make them look less than perfect.    Now that the media has managed to get hold of one of the members of the royal social cicle they can openly attack without being completely destroyed by the queen, they won't hesitate to sink their teeth into it. its to scandalous to resist.  

 Quoted from a yahoo article, "Under French law, the magazine will almost certainly be found guilty of breaching the couple's privacy but it is unlikely to receive anything more than a fine.  Every person present in France has a right to privacy and can seek legal redress over the publication of images taken and published without their permission.Theoretically, the publisher of the magazine or the editor could be given a one-year prison term, but there is no precedent for that and most similar cases result in publications being fined symbolic amounts well below the maximum of 45,000 euros." 

 honestly, its abit disappointing on the french's side. Everyone deserves equal rights. Kate and William can rub each other's butts with peanut butter and jam (gross -.-) for all i care and they have every right to behave that way, BECAUSE their married ! but then again, they should have taken some precautions like stepping up their security . they should have expected the Paparazzi  would be there to capture the "sensual" moment.   with great power, comes great attention from the media. if i were kate, i'd ride the wave of critism with finesse and class. cause kate's a classy woman, she'll be able to handle this.  

BUUUUUUUUUUT since this is the internet and everyone deserves to see the pictures since it's already been made public, here is the two links to see Kate Middleton's scandalous pictures the world is raving about. Be warned, U WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNSEE THESE PICTURES EVER 

Kate Middleton wore a Prabal Gurung dress when she was in Singapore. The Singaporean born designer has made headlines in fashion for winning the best designer award from the parsons new york school of fashion. Now thats SINGAPORE PRIDE.   He studied in nepal and moved to india to apprentice in a fashion house where he climbed the ranks and later landed a spot for him to intern with donna karen. so my fashion dolls, the key to success is a structured plan. Dont go in thinking its easy, have an idea of how to break into the industry systematically and start young. 

” A lot of people underestimate conflict and tension and look at it as a negative thing, I feel exactly the opposite. That comfort is so overestimated. It’s the death of creativity or new ideas.”- prabal gurung

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