Friday, 14 September 2012

the Kardashian Kraze

as u can see, the kardashian family has a retard( AKA kylie ) climbing the stairs in a family photo. does this have any hidden meaning ??!! 
 if u have cable tv, u already know who im refering to. heck, everyone in the world know's about atleast one Kardashian, and their causing "kaos" throughout the media like the H1N1 flu. Thats right people we're refering to the (in)famous Kardashian Jenner Klan.  For those of you simpletons who have no ikling of who these people are, uve obviously been living in a cave and havent seen the sun since u were born , cause the kardashians have been making headlines in magazines since they were young enough to attend pre school.  

so who are the kardashians? well their father , robert Kardashian was a celebritiy lawyer ( a lawyer that does celebrity cases ? sounds cheesy ) who became famous because of the OJ Simspon trail
( basically about a famous black man killing his white wife, ofcourse causing ALOT of attention ) The kardashians bask in the glory of their heritage, constantly emphasizing the fact that their of Armenian blood. u can tell since they have olive skin and luscious hair.  the holy trinity of this kaotic cult are the three middle aged and uber gorgeous sisters: Kloe, Kim and Kourtney 

yup their extremely superficial .  with all these qualities, they have their own reality tv show that records their daily lives. I swear to god if u've ever watched an episode , its impossible to suddenly stop.  the things they do and what they talk about in the show is so dumb, so materialisitic, so ridiculous, that u can't stop cause u want to know what happens next. their like the modern royalty of the 21 century. everyone's eyes are on them and they do all kinds of things that get the media in a stir.  In a way, we see what its like to be a socialite, and everyone one of us deep down, no matter how selfless u are, wants to be a socialite.   so what do the kardashians have in common with fashion? well,  their filthy rich so they splurge on the most exotic of iconic peices that fashion has to offer.  From the chanel 2.55 to birkin bags from Hermes, these women have shown  finesse in making these iconic bags and clothes look chic and trendy eventhough these designs have been around longer than ur HDB flat. 
She reminds me of Anna Dello Russo, a very calm one

louis.V with Kim and a balenciaga bag with their iconic studs in gold. POSH..!!!
 plus, due to the media publicity they recieve, they went ahead and launched their own clothing like called Dash and a collab line called the Kardashian Kollection which includes bags, accesories, ready to wear (and swimwear for those aspiring kim-wannabes) . they show us how with great media power, one can take advantage of it and use it to elevate their exposure to the public. these women arent just dumb rich girls, their media moguls/ businesswomen who plan when and what they want on the news without lifting a finger.   what would u do if u have that much media influence?  

its alot to think about when ur constantly in the public eye( Not that i would know, im less obvious to the public eye than a spec of dust ) and these women do it in such a way where perez hilton and his army of paparazzi keep coming back for more.    These women sure know how to own the moment and their going to continue doing that for as long as their silicon breasts can stay afloat ( u thought those were real? gurl please )

A normal crocodile skin bag from any brand is usually worth well over $14,000+ to 
$120, 000++ and if its from the the KING of all fashion brands HERMES,  , its definitely gonna be priced over $150,000k+ .  and some people IN SINGAPORE have a FEW DOZEN of these bags, ( google miss jamie chua, this women is more rich that ur whole family put together multiplied by a 92948922 ) 

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