Thursday, 13 September 2012

Virgin readers brace yourselves

So as u may have read from the tittle of my blog, i dream of dior.( if u dont know what dior is, u've come to the right place to learn. I am in no way related to dior ) i lust for the attention from the fashion industry, im that kid in the group that tries to dress their best . im that friend that wears the kind of clothes you call crazy.  Im a fashion critic and aspiring wannabe buyer ( what is a buyer, i shall explain later)  . Sooo , ever heard of John Galliano?? if not, then stick around cause imma show you the ropes and teach u a thing or two about the industry many dream of being a part of: FASHION.   Imma dish out the dirt on style from my point of view , a point of view i feel is different from the existing fashion "mindset" alot of other "people" in singapore have . What i feel separates me from the rest is my exposure into the FORBIDDEN realm of luxury fashion.

YUP, if ur like me and ur from a middle income family who doesn't drive around in a MERC or an Audi and lives in a luxurious condo or whatever the rich folks own nowadays, then u probably dont know have much dirt on whats been going on high up in FASHION HEAVEN where all the big brands roll with the best of them.  It doesnt take a fashion maniac to uncover whats been happening with fashion. For example, its fashion week in new york ( my self proclaimed birthplace. ) right now and the whole world is on their toes to see who's the next big hit.  New styles emerge and never seen before designs are showcased to the editors and buyers and executives and other "atas" (high up) people like Magazine editors from fashion staples like vogue or Elle , sending shockwaves throughout the fashion world.  And sooner or later, these trends affect YOU in some way or another.  so why not read and educate yourselves on how to ride that wave of influence in style.
my darling Ed westwink with his floral print tie looks like sex beside leighton's GORG  floral dress

To start things off, i noticed that out of all the fashion blogs online, non of them really bring out the beauty in luxury brands and the influence they have on fashion ,even at a small scale. Where did u think Cotton On had the idea to FREAKIN monopolize on the floral prints that started a floral frenzy in singapore. These trends like the floral prints were set in motion by the big player brands with their runway  like Miu Miu or Givenchy who started and made popular alot of the stuff u see in local blog-shops of today like spiked collars and as mentioned, floral prints etc.  Personally, floral prints are nice if the print itself i detailed and in full colour. if not it looks cheap. dont try to argue, u know they do , & you dont wanna look cheap. EVER .   soooooo if u want to look good, simply follow the best brands in the BIZ.

 but here's the catch 
 Not everyone can afford a $2000+ gucci blazer .  if u cant, then Simply copy the style  or trend they set for u and improvise to add ur own taste into ur look.  now all u need to do is simply pay attention to the trends these brands create on the runway and predict which are gonna hit and miss and just duplicate it.  Learn to read and predict the runways and pay attention to the ever important fashion weeks of the year and copy. SO stay with dior dreamer to get ur fix on fashion and u'll be wearing the trends before they become trends .

fashion TIT-BIT of the day:
Designer alexander McQueen commited suicide, leaving behind an amazing legacy he created with his avant garde lable ALEXANDRE MCQUEEN. the crazy shit lady gaga wears is considers peanuts to this great man who was a visionary for fashion.  the style he produced can be seen copied interpreted by other lables like 77street, H&M, zara and forever 21 etc. Big designers like him influence brands typical people like us buy from.  

“Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution”
Lee Alexander McQueen


  1. I like your writing style but girl you have to improve on your name spelling. Its Ed WestWick not Ed WestWink. It's Leighton Meester not Leighton Meister. And no one spells Vouge with a small v, it's almost like fashion taboo! It's Vouge we're talking about here, it deserves a capital V. All in all I enjoy reading your post. I will definitely come back and read more of your blog. :)

    1. omg i really appreciate your feedback doll. at this point any form of constructive critism is super useful for me to improve. though i should be punished for that V for Vogue part though. Really appreciate your support and shall continue to do ma thing :] if u have a twitter or a blog, do post here so i can follow you as well. :D