Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hot or hideous: Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Sandals

Their called Kanye West's "Cruel Summer" Sandals.  A design thats an infinite times more practical than the previous one in the next picture. 
Having been on a "hiatus" of sorts, ive been quite busy with my own escapades which took up a substancial portion of my time such that I have no more room for my passion(for fashion). So without further ado, lets review the fall winter's( yes, i know fall winter is over. But my fire for that phase in fashion will never extinguish) most singular items . One in particular is the breathtaking almost ethereal looking shoes birthed from the collaboration between guiseppe zanotti and Kanye West. 
Creative minds like KANYE WEST see things in a whole different light. I For one have always been a skeptic when it comes to celebrity collab lines, only because they get an overstated amount of credit for "supposedly" being at the creative helm of their collab line when in actual fact, their presence in the collection is (at times) purely publicity related BUT NOT THIS Collection. These shoes, which were inspired by the cover of kanye west's new album ,was packed with an array of aesthetics:mimicking ivory feathers and understated perennial accents of groves &curves within the body of the shoe. Its simply glam in its purest form. Ironically ,Its seems like a paradox of H&M's current collab-collection with self proclaimed "guardian of fashion" Anna Dello Russo, of which is FOR NOW, the epitome of loud rambunctious  and simply over the top design. It seems minimalism is still everyone's enemy but it always picks up steam during the seasons of spring and summer . Once again, i would like to apologize for my long break but since ive cleared my planner, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to fashion blogging and reviews on events, clothes and bags galore.  Any criticism , once again, is much appreciated.
 Till then, lecteurs au revoir (google translate it : D )

IF its meant to be, its up to ME

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