Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Yves in YvesSaintLaurant is GONE?

Swanky, sophisticated & above all, sensual. Thats What makes YvesSaint Laurant , but is that going to change?

Come fall ( or should i say came fall ) , YvesSaintLaurant will discard away a segment of its name of which has because synonymous with being ultra unpronounceable.  It may be abit passe of me to suggest this, But i feel that the Yves in YvesSaintLaurant adds that essence of sophistication in the brand name , Something alot of brands struggle to achieve.
 The "boomz" factor if u will :] 
The actuality is such that "Yves" in YSL isn't easily pronounced by a majority of the public( BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW FRENCH ) and due to the huge branding overhaul spearheaded by YSL's new Top dog, Hedi Slimane, many question his leadership or "possessiveness" over the brand. Could this decision to make the brand appear more innovative make or break the long running success of the mega brand and more importantly,What will become of the brand's current initials, YSL, which make up the label's logo. I FOR ONE enjoy saying "YSL" because it makes me sound super "atas" and i know im not the only one. Personally, i think that SLP souinds More like an acronym for Slop or sleep. It Doesn't hold any silent grandeur unlike YVES SAINT LAURANT
 LOL bimbo moment. DO indulge in my discontent over the matter and patronize me as u continue to read my rant .

Hedi Slimane DOES NOT LOOK 50!! He's obviously an immortal, like hugh jackman and the other celebs who never age. 
As the New Creative Director who debuted his return to YSL with F/W's collection 
(& might i say , his debut collection for YSL was electrifying !)
 after the dismissal of Stefano Pilati, his predecessor,, Hedi Slimane is no stranger to the rumor mill and when word got out that the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, which turned 50 this year, would officially change the name of the famed house to SLP , or Saint Laurent Paris, gossip and controversy ensued. For someone who has had all to many encounters with the ever present critics of fashion, this is by no standards anything new for him. 
In all honesty, i think the move from YSL to SLP could have been purely for marketing purposes. What strikes me as a problem is that SLP is nowhere near as glamorous and exotic As YSL. How quickly the name change will catch on is another question altogether   This brings alot of suggestive remarks directed towards Mr Slimane. Last year, when a rogue Tweet suggested that Hedi Slimane was set to take over YSL, the house immediately shut down the idea, swearing within minutes that Pilati ,the current creative director then, wasn't going anywhere but it seems the situation has taken a different route than originally intended. Pierre BergĂ©, co-founder of YSL — OOPS, i mean SLP (yucks) — has given his blessing to the change and i for one am going to gamble my chances and suggest that This is exactly the kind of Crazy YSL needs to bring itself into a new era. Alot of pressure is now on the shoulders of Slimane to push YSL once again into the limelight of luxury fashion but one cannot think of this and not feel sympathy for Stefano Pilate.
  OHH WELL, one day your in , and the next day your out right? 
its okay, dont feel sad for him. Rumor has it that he'll be working with Ermenegildo Zegna as one of its New Key Creative engines.
DO you think SLP will catch on , or is it going to be the iceberg that will sink SaintLaurant's ship.  Does SLP remind you of SLOP & spell disaster or will it open more doors of success for the brand. All eyes are definitely going to be on Hedi Slimane in the seasons to come, so hold on tight to your copies of harper's bazaar or Vogue and anticipate some peppered drama and spicy suprise. 

Till then,  Till then, lecteurs au revoir

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