Tuesday, 28 May 2013

the Prodigal Son returns with candy

I know exactly what's going through your mind right now. You're probably wondering why this prick of a blogger hasn't updated anything in the last month or so. To be frank, Dreamofdior hasn't been the number one priority for me this May. Being a student writer has its perks but on the other hand, I am plagued with never-ending assessments and deadlines. If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I've conveniently inserted myself into the Poachedmag.com fashion writing team*que the sinister lighting* Slowly but surely, I will exert my dominance and gain control from the inside- similar to how LVMH is discreetly buying over Hermes' free holding stocks bit by bit in an attempt to write them down under their list of distributing brands. If you're a little curious about the nonsense I write for poachedmag, feel free to skim through my articles. 
Here's a link -->http://poachedmag.com/author/samhussain/


I don't deny that I've been privileged as far as blogging is concerned, so much so that I'm often left feeling unworthy of the opportunities presented to me(on a silver platter,no less!). The funny thing is, I've been experiencing a sudden increase in my own bitchiness and unsurprisingly, it coincided with my being more active in the local fashion scene. Is it just me or does fashion make people more pretentious? In the wonderful book every fashionista should read-In Fashion ( and btw, I owe the NLB over $100 in fines because I don't want to return that book. It's a god-sent! ) , it did state that people tend to change when they're exposed to such prolonged glamour.  Let's face it. Nobody lives this kind of life(at least not forever) & just like Jay Gatsby, you can only run away from something for so long (speaking of the Gatsby, I'll be writing about it's SHEER OPULENCE  in due time :]) I guess it's time for another fashion detox: NO magazines, NO style.com, NO blogging, NO events, NO dressing up unnecessarily(such a thing does not exist!) and NO criticizing others' style choices. 


In April, Singapore suffered a severe FASHION FAMINE. There was literally NOTHING GOING ON. No press releases, no invitation to events(maybe there were but clearly I wasn't there so it's not worth noticing) and lastly, no significant fashion shows (and I don't mean the clothes. I'm referring to the Substance, the Essence and the level of drama. Fashion is a lot like theatre. Suspense and staging make up the core principles of its paradigm.) Then came May ,accompanied by a FLOOD of fashion festivities enough to occupy me for months!!! One instance would be how we were lucky enough to have Karl Lagerfeld and Cara humble us with their presence as they attended Chanel's 2013/2014 resort collection show held at Dempsey Hill. 


Unfortunately, my invitation for the show was "misplaced" in the Mail. Chanel has since issued an official apology complete with handwritten love letters from the kaiser himself. (I ked) 

Seriously though, May has been Mayhem! Not a week goes by without something to attend or somewhere to be. Right off the bat, I can recall attending Carolina Herrera's Floral bag presentation at her MBS outlet(SHE WAS THERE! IN THE FLESH!), Fashion Steps out(FSO) in Orchard  whereby the entire stretch of road was pimped to resemble a runway( I use the word RESEMBLE because it, in no way, looked like a runway) , the inaugural Audi Fashion Festival(which proved to be more of a downer than I had originally anticipated), Fifty five's new boutique opening(Pay Attention to this because I'll be giving away free Crawford & Son goodies in my next post!) and finally,  Furla's Candy bag exhibition held at Paragon's Main Atrium(Pay attention to this part too because in the post(s) to come,  I'll be giving away free Furla goodies courtesy of Furla :D) Here are a few pictures for pictures' sake.

Hanky Panky business happening on Desigual's runway for Audi Fashion Festival
the Furla Candy bag Displays!

Fashion Steps Out

It's not entirely impossible for me to explain in detail all of my fantastic(and exhausting) escapades , it's just that I can't seem to find the time. Right now, as I type these very words, I am 2 hours away from my second Mid-Semester Examination Paper(Quantitative Analysis is no joke!).  It's just that I've been ignoring my duties as a (failed)purveyor of sincere fashion blogging(read my previous post where,basically, I express just how much I dislike the current local blogosphere. They're just fashionistically erroneous!) and that's been bugging me a lot lately. 


I guess what I really want to say is thank you. I used to envy(and obsessively emulate) people like Shane Tan of mymomhatesfashion.com. So graceful and glamorous in their ways. They're always where the party's at. They were in the loop and like Dan Humphrey from Gossip girl, I could only glimpse into their world through their concise and clearly written blogs . One faithful day in June, I decided to actually do it. I finally gathered enough willpower to write my own blog. I swear to God there were these AH-HAH moments during last week's Furla Candy Bag Exhibition that left me thinking ,"I can't believe I'm here. Where did all this come from? Why me?" And then I remembered my little personal gem-this lil'old blog of mine. So thank you. Thank you for reading my incessant rambling on what's hot and what's not. Thank you for reminding me that everything has it's place. I received this wonderful email weeks back from a lady saying she wishedshe had the chance to go to these kinds of shindigs and it got me thinking,"PEOPLE, start writing your own blogs!" . Everyone's opinion is important. Each of you has a voice and it's up to you to make people listen! Muster that courage you know you have deep inside of you to start because let's be honest- you're not getting any younger,right?  

I'll be sure to upload the next post as soon as possible. Till then, I wish all you wonderful readers an amazing week (or weekend) ahead. The June holidays are almost here. Live loud , make full use of every opportunity and take everything in your stride. After all, time is of the essence and nothing ever stays the same for long(especially in fashion)

 Hell happens when the evil of the world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it

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