Thursday, 9 May 2013

Writing Fashion for Fools

  As of late, I've been feeling rather detached from myself. How so? Well for starters, my current writing style has been rather advertorial instead of being personal/opinionated. It comes to a point where I feel as though my articles are no longer my own. If you don't already know this about me, I'm the latest edition to the fashion team (writer name: Sam Hussain) Writing for an external publication(not to mention an established one) has been a totally different ball-game for me. More often than not, I find it hard to adjust my writing style for a publication I have limited control over. (BECAUSE I'M AN OBSESSIVE CONTROL FREAK)

Here are a few articles I've written for poachedmag. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THEM. Do tell me what you think of them. I crave Constructive criticism!





 My journalistic personality is such that I need to be in a prolonged state of zen-like calmness (basically, I watch 4 or 5 episodes of modern family alone in a dark room prior to writing) before I can churn out a logical write up but with my new found responsibilities, I can no longer afford to indulge in such luxuries. Such is the cruel truth of life when your goals require you to choose one out of two things. 
It's a huge adjustment from having no limitations to having specific deadlines for a dozen articles on events/products/collections/ other fashion nonsense-some of which I have yet to begin writing on(DEADLINES ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!!) 

Occasionally, I question the reason why I even bother writing fashion (especially since fashion isn't the only thing that intrigues my inert mind) . I guess it comes a point where I begin to slowly commercialize myself but hey, it's not all that bad. I still feel like I have some kind of novelty compared to some of the local bloggers/writers out there. When I say novelty, I merely refer to the way I don't write like how they do. An example would be how people suddenly do trend reports about a certain designer's collection that they admire. I think everyone can agree that nobody reads those trend report articles on blogs anymore. It's utter crap.  Why get half-baked info from an amateur blog when I can pick Up Harper's BAZAAR to get my daily dose of the latest trends in crisp thin pages . Leave these fashion formalities to the magazines (VOGUE, Harper's BAZAAR, Cosmo & blah blah blah). 


Also, there was a lack of intelligent fashionistic (SHADAP, thats a word!) opinions in the Singaporean blogosphere. A lot of blogs in Singapore ,and this is only my opinion , tend to concentrate their efforts on fashion styling/photography. I'm sure you've been to a blog where they only post professionally taken shots of themselves posing on rooftops with maxi dresses and what have you. Occasionally, they might add a dash of sophistication by monochromising the images in black and white because... well.... it's classy? Only a handful of bloggers actually express concise(and practical) opinions about fashion minus the ( pretentious? ) photos of them prancing around in noteworthy clothes. It is totally fine if that is the path you want to take but it's imperative that you familiarize yourself with FASHION's inner workings before you assume that wearing an Alexander Mcqueen jacket makes you the next Alexa Chung.  (and yes, I am a big hater of people who wear nice things but know absolutely Smack about them. "I LOVE CHANEL. I LOVE CARA!". Bitch please, Fcuk you and your blind adoration for things you have no knowledge of what so ever. )

Fashion blogging has (thanks to the valiant efforts of our wonderful local street-style enthusiasts who do very little but religiously upload pictures of themselves in 14 different outfits every 7 days a week, 365 days a year.) manifested into something self-indulgent and oh so very "individualistic", so much so that it has become heavily diluted by mainstream media. To qoute Suzy Menkes, "If fashion is for everyone, is it fashion?". Smart bloggers who actually have a perceptive opinion on fashion have become a rarity(at least within the local Singaporean blogosphere). Nobody seems to have a sharp and concise opinion any more(with the exception of a few like Onesixtynotepad etc.) . It makes me sad, knowing future of this industry lies in the hands of people who are very much self-adsorbed in what they're wearing rather than wondering why their clothes are the way they are. Gone are the days when people have epiphanies powerful enough to cause tremors in fashion . Now, it's all about the "looks" I upload on or

An example of such bullshit: Look guys! I've managed to match my ombre Prada-inspired Zara pants with this ugly-arse denim jacket my mom found during world war 2 while she was in a concentration camp. Read my blog to find out more about how much I love these pants and other irrelevant information like how I acquired them/what I'm planning to eat for supper. I can''t help but face-palm myself when I see blogs that post pictures ripped from or  Seriously, where are we going with all this?  

One of the perks of being a poachedmag writer is the privilege of attending all these product launches and runway shows. I'll be writing more about my escapades in future posts. For now, here are some visual aids to help give you a feel of what I've been up to lately. I can't possibly recall all the events that have breezed by but here are a couple of the more memorable ones!

Nike X Undercover Gyakusou S/S13 Event launch! 

Hugo Boss's perfume Launch

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