Saturday, 13 April 2013

Going GAGA for Guess!

 Decked in white, the Paragon Mall runway had neon lights running through its course while similarly conceptualized cubic neon light installations dangle from above. Truth be told, it's no surprise the increased frequency for these fashion shows lately. Every year between the month of January and May ,Paragon will play host to a dozen runway shows that will build up and reach the pinnacle of its momentum on the 4th of May whereby Orchard will utilize 658 meters of road in order to once again recreate(and on an annual basis no less!) the world's longest runway!!! 

If you were one of the lucky few who got to witness it (the longest ever fashion show on EARTH!) last year, you'd know that it wasn't as glamorous as it was all made up to be by the media. In fact, most fashion shows are not as exhilarating as you think they are . This is because different shows serve to send out differing messages. Some are purely for publicity purposes or to exaggerate a brand's market power and financial status ( COUGH COUGH *Chanel's obsessive need to use exuberant decor in all their runways* COUGH COUGH) while others are minimal in nature so as to express a certain label's design manifesto in the most direct manner possible. 


 However, there are those fashion shows that exceed the expectations of all its spectators , going above and beyond their initial standards with every single model that struts their stuff down the runway.After making a few comparisons, I now realize that fashion shows bear an uncanny resembles to Theatre Productions whereby the 2 most paramount components of a successful show are Costumes and Props


Being fashion oriented by nature, the "costumes" aspect is pretty much obvious and direct. The issue of props is where the actual theatricality of fashion shows play in.  Nowadays, the world of fashion is constantly on the ball when it involves planning their shows. Gone are the days when these shows simply involved a minimalist walkway with models walking down while donning a designer's creations. Now, brands constantly try and outdo each other by injecting (at time absurd) immense theatricality that punctuates their efforts to tell a story. Look at Marc Jacobs and his pajama party Autumn/Winter show for 2013. Everything is about impact . It's all about creating an atmosphere with emotion. 
One of the more Note-worthy fashion shows I've attended recently was the Guess Fashion Show at Paragon mall.  _________________________________________________________________________________

A few weeks ago, I was graciously invited to attend Guess' Spring Summer 2013 runway collection at Paragon mall . The show had perfect synergy, balancing chic design with practical display without overdoing it by including any distracting stunts on the runway(which is always a good thing when you're a writer who's perpetually pressed for time). The show also included a photo booth section for those camera-ready fashionistas(like your's truly!) and their need for something of a memento to take home. What I admired most about the presentation was its refined attention to detail. Being a showcase revolving around the immortalized themes of Spring summer, they incorporated aspects of the season like the sun baked sand while the neon lights were reminiscent of seashore waves. Simple details that add for subtle impact make the world of a difference! And of course , what felt signature about the show was its ability to maintain a practical tone throughout the presentation. Some Fashion Shows are just plain confusing ,attempting insane attention-seeking stunts on the runway that ends up ridiculing the brand!  A simple presentation is all it takes to bring forward a brand's image. Nothing more , Nothing less. 

So, Without further ado, here is Guess' Spring/Summer Collection for 2013 :D 

A regular for the collection was this particularly textured colour palette. Coarse tones of grey, brown and black were recurrent throughout the collection . What felt iconic for the line was it's blatant usage of studs, something Guess doesn't play up very often. What Guess does really well is mixing different fabrics and materials to create the perfect juxtaposition of framework. 

Metallic tones were also strongly felt throughout the showcase, with models donning on shimmering gold toned signature Guess Dresses that accentuate the body's curves. We mustn't forget that a Guess women is someone who isn't afraid to be voluptuous and flaunt her physique!!! An eye-catching design they included in this year's collection are those metallic wedges that are sure to be a seasonal standout! 

Besides the Guess show, I've been attending a few other showcases of which will be the topic for the next DoD post. If you aren't aware of it yet, I'm the new writer for!! Being a part of their team has really opened up a lot of opportunities for me to further immerse myself in fashion but like everything else in this industry, not everything is as it appears to be. It didn't occur to me that I would be investing THAT much effort and time into my new role but it all worked out in the end . 

 Also, STAY TUNED to DreamofDior next week to find out how you can win a $150 GIFT-CARD for GUESS!!! 

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Last perfume, hair product  and skin cream giveaway!!! The response was good so I'm gonna try and keep this giveaway habit going! Hopefully, I'll be able to amass a big enough pile of freebies to give away in the near future. For now, You'll just have to settle for my self-indulgent writing minus the materialistic incentive!!!


And with that, I end off this article by thanking all my readers(YOU!).  Knowing that I actually have an audience to write for makes all this running around from one event to another all the more worth wild . At times, my conviction to write fashion gets tested. When this happens, it just seems pointless to carry on writing. The single fact that I know people support me and my endevours to conquer the fashion world gives me enough motivation to keep on event hoping and scanning through the plethora of useless advertorial magazine articles. All I ever want to do is provide everyone with a better view of the FASHUN world from a simpleton's perspective; 

Here's to a great weekend and hopefully, an even better start for the week ahead.

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